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Rebbel Ashes Out with Sped Up Version of Hit Single ‘Kwansema’ Feat. Kwame MulZz – Listen Here NOW!

Fresh Take: Rebbel Ashes Drops Speed Version of "Kwansema" ft. Kwame MulZz

Renowned Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Rebbel Ashes has released a speed version of his hit single “Kwansema” featuring Kwame MulZz.

While the original song was released on May 16, 2024, this new speed version provides fans with a fresh take on the beloved track.

“Kwansema” has been a massive success since its original release, captivating listeners with its unique blend of Afrobeat rhythms, soulful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics of love and longing. The song’s cultural relevance and modern production have solidified Rebbel Ashes’ position as a leading figure in the Afrobeat genre.

Kwame MulZz, the featured artist on “Kwansema,” has also gained recognition for his contributions to the song’s success. His latest album, “Europa 2 Kumasi,” released on June 15, 2024, has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

While details of the new version of “Kwansema” were initially scarce, fans can now enjoy this captivating rendition. Rebbel Ashes has hinted at exciting collaborations and innovative production techniques in this version.

Rebbel Ashes’ music reflects his personality—vibrant, eclectic, and full of life. His dedication to his craft is inspiring, and his passion for music is evident in every note he sings. With his talent and dedication, Rebbel Ashes is destined for greatness, and his new release is sure to cement his place as one of the leading artists in the Afrobeat genre.

Fans of Rebbel Ashes and Kwame MulZz can look forward to another unforgettable musical experience with the new version of “Kwansema.” In the meantime, they can continue to enjoy the original version of the song, which is available on all major streaming platforms.

Stay tuned for updates on future releases and details.

Listen to the original version:

 [Kwansema – Original Version]

Listen to the speed version:

 [Kwansema – Speed Version]

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