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3Music Awards CEO Sadiq Abdulai defends Mohammed Awal as Arts Minister

He also further suggested Mark Okraku Mantey as Mohammed Awal's deputy

President Akufo-Addo’s nomination of Mohammed Awal as the Tourism Minister has left many in shock as they think he’s not fit to head the ministry but the Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai thinks otherwise.

Though some people in the entertainment industry were looking forward to having an industry player steer the affairs of the Tourism Ministry, their expectations were not met.

But the Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai who thinks otherwise has said the former Business Development Minister, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal is qualified to head the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Sadiq Abdulai in an interview opined that “Awal Mohammed is a very good candidate for the ministry.”

According to him, Mohammed Awal did not lie on the job while he was the Business Development Minister and is hopeful the Tourism Minister-designate will deliver when given the green light.

“Mohammed Awal is actually someone from a space that also is part of what you probably call the creative industry which connects to tourism. I think that it is a good call however, one of the things that have been a concern to a lot of people is whether he brings on board any massive achievement in the Business Development Ministry.

That is anything to regain the sector confidence because the Business Development ministry was that successful. It follows the logic that the president perhaps may have kept it instead of scrapped it.”

Sadiq Abdulai called on the government to consider Mark Okraku Mantey as the deputy minister of tourism to help revive the almost dying entertainment industry.

“The deputy ministerial role may go to somebody like Mike Okraku Mantey for instance who also has a certain proven track record working in the industry…this is a proposal or designate for the ministry to see how he will bring his A-game on,” he stated.

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