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Dancers are not intelligently weak – Cracker

Well-known Ghanaian dancer, Richard Asiedu who is known by the stage name Cracker has stated that it is an erroneous impression for people to think that dancers are not intelligent people.

He mentioned that many young and talented dancers have been forced to abandon the craft because of how lowly people think of dancers.

Cracker charged people with such a poor image of dancers to change their minds since the dance industry in Ghana is really growing and bringing global attention to Ghana.

“Dancing serves as a complement to all other aspects of the creative industry. However, the typical Ghanaian misconception is that dancing is for people with low academic performance.

“There is no domain in the Creative Arts industry that does not use dance. But when everything is being done in terms of budgetary allocation, we are sidelined. We are not being cared for. Anything that has to do with dance does not reach the level of the industry.

“This is happening because people attach little importance to the dance craft and this is really unfortunate,” he stated.

The artist who has worked with a number of musicians including Sarkodie disclosed that he has friends in high places including the corporate world who are dancers.
“I have friends in the corporate world who are working and have their masters and diplomas and they are dancers.

“For instance, Robert Klah who is the Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse of Ghana, organizer of Ghana Music Awards is a dancer so this shows that our people have the intellect to match up to people from other sectors,” he stated.

Cracker also commended the formation of Dance Alliance Ghana with the goal of uniting the dance industry with a collective voice and making the dance profession recognized, accepted, supported, and legally backed by the government.

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