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Music industry needs investors – Sampson Howard

Renowned sound engineer and producer, Sampson Howard, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lolo Sounds, has urged individuals and organisations support and invest in the music industry in the country to help boost the economy.

The CEO, who is also known as Lolo in the music industry, has produced and supported a number of talented artistes.

According to him, investing in the local music industry would help the industry break into the global music market, which required good funding.

Lolo pointed out that music was the largest industry in Ghana; stressing that the little investment one makes guarantees profitable returns than other sectors of the economy.

He mentioned that investing in the local music industry is a way of promoting and preserving the rich Ghanaian culture.

Apart from investing in the music industry, Lolo said there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and structures put in place to make the industry a fertile ground for talented individuals across the country to blossom.

He explained that consistently, artistes have turned into their own show promoters, tour curators among other things while focusing on their craft.

He stressed that it was high time Ghanaians invested in the music industry to create employment; adding that a lot of Ghanaian youth are unemployed but with great talents which can earn them a livelihood if support is given.

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