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Let’s support young talents – Sampson Howard

Famous Ghanaian sound engineer Sampson Howard, also known as the Chief and Lolo in the music industry, has counseled established musicians to assist and mentor up-and-coming artistes in order to advance the music business.

The sound engineer, who is also the CEO of Lolo Sounds, issued a warning, saying that those in the music industry who do not encourage up-and-coming artists will soon come to regret their decisions.

He believes it is crucial to support the country’s young, creative artistes in their efforts to grow as artists in order to prepare them for future challenges.
Sampson Howard also feels that seasoned musicians who can assist have a responsibility to do so.

He acknowledged that some Ghanaians, including certain music industry players, do not support indigenous music due to interpersonal issues with performers.
He suggested that the key actors in the creative sector come up with innovative ways to enlist everyone in the effort to advance the music industry.

The sound engineer added that Ghanaian structures do not support musicians in their career and that the nation’s music marketing strategy needs to be reinforced in order to increase the number of people who are aware of Ghanaian music and its attractiveness on a global scale.

He continued by saying that the largest issue facing the music business is the absence of assistance from the government in implementing legislation to safeguard both musicians and the sector.

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