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Artiste managers should have official contracts with artistes – Bongee

Artiste manager, Seth Koduah popularly known as Bongee is encouraging artiste managers to have official contracts with artistes.

According to him, most relationships between artiste managers and artistes usually turn sour when things start getting better for the artiste.
For this reason, he is certain that a written document will forestall any future disagreement.

“Earlier this year or so, I listened to artiste manager and CEO of Media Excel, Kwesi Ernest lament about how he was careless not to officially sign artistes. He said it is the greatest and childish mistake to have ever made as an artiste manager.

“On the said interview, he explained that he worked with all his heart band never thought of putting pen to paper to sign contract with more than the 15 artistes he has worked with.

“That is the greatest mistake any artiste manager will make and that is why I always tell my colleagues to sign contracts and not hold on to a ‘friend friend’ relationship.
“When there is a contract, the manager and the artiste work better. If there is a contract both parties know they need to work hard.

“Trust me, if you argue that you love to see talents grow, you will be left with nothing. A lot goes into managing artistes which most people do not know,” he stated.

Bongee also indicated that the Ghanaian music industry needs more proficient talent managers to turn its fortunes around.

He urged creatives to take a great interest in artiste management, emphasizing that it was a crucial step that could address difficulties with the Ghanaian music industry’s lack of international recognition.

He was of the strong belief that the area, when properly explored by creatives, might be the game changer and influence the direction of the industry, just as it has done for Nigeria.

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