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Gafacci gets interviewed by a German media outlet

When Gafacci teamed up with BBRAVE to become Jowaa little would have expected the duo to go this far.

Now having played at numerous 2017 music festivals including Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival and the Loop held in Germany you can conclude that Jowaa has indeed come far.

This is one reason why German website DigitalInBerlin.com decided to interview the electronic music artist to know everything about him.

Top of the things he revealed was his favourite 5 albums of all time. Gafacci included Tinny’s Makola Kwakwe in a list that included albums from Eminem, Muse, Wyclef and Enya.

The interview covered a diverse range of questions including questions bothering on how he started, his influences and the last music he bought.

Gafacci in the interview gave out what inspires him in his music. The electronic artist said there is one that still does the trick for him; it’s going back to Labadi whenever he gets the chance.

When asked what he would do if music did not exist, Gafacci replied “Sh*t! Life would really suck”

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