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I created my own company in California when I was 20 – Okese1 to Andy Dosty

He's implying he's no childish fraud boy, only hard-earned wealth, so put some respect on the name!

Renowned media personality, DJ and artiste,  Andy Dosty has angrily sacked musician Okesse1 from the studios of Hitz FM when the he appeared on his show for a scheduled interview.

A video of the incident circulating on social media captures a masked up Andy Dosty switching from his panelists to the artiste who was reported to have turned up late for the interview.

“Gentleman, how are you?” asked Andy Dosty to which the musician replied, “I’m good”.


The presenter, unsure of the right pronunciation of the name of the musician sought a clarification but that was followed with a suggestion to the musician who was not audible enough to get close to the microphone.

“Ah, massa, it’s everything okay?” a puzzled Andy Dosty asked – a question a soft-spoken Okesse1 seemingly did not get the import as it elicited an “oh, why are you asking that question?” response from the musician.

Andy Dosty retorted: “Why am I asking that question? But how do I tell? Am I a doctor?… Whoever comes here, I ask whether they’re okay or not. What’s wrong with that?”

Tension appeared to have emanated at this moment although Okesse1 maintained his composure as he swiveled in the seat.

“Ah, what’s happening here? No, I don’t understand. I’m sorry; I want to understand,” said Andy Dosty.

“I think you misunderstood me,” a cool, calm and collected Okesse1 replied but that will not douse the tension as Andy Dosty retorted again saying “No; because you walked into my studio without saying anything, you walked in late, you didn’t say anything to me, you came, you sat down quietly, I asked you whether you’re okay and you say why am I asking you that question? Please, walk out of my studio now.”

Although Okesse1 pleaded for clemency, his plea could not change the narrative.

“Please, out… I don’t entertain rudeness,” Andy Dosty ordered while asking his producers to escort Okesse1 out of the studio.

However, in a recent update on the matter, both parties shave rendered an unqualified apology on Neat FM to each other.

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