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Your Business Online: Vodafone outdoors initiative for artists

Headline sponsor of VGMA, Vodafone, at the National Music summit introduced ‘Your business online’, an initiative to artist build their online presence.

Chris Adusei, Sales Manager, SME & SOHO explained in details as part of his speech, it reads;

‘For over a decade, my organisation, Vodafone Ghana has committed significant resources, technology, funds and expertise to support the music industry in Ghana because we appreciate the special place music has in the heart of Ghanaians, the powerful role music plays in shaping our culture, values and orientation as a people and above all the immense business potential music wields.

We live in an era where every aspect of life is evolving and being shaped by the astronomical advances being made in digital technology and our beloved music industry is by far one of the most impacted.

With the advent of social media and digitalization the music industry will never be the same!

The emergence of music streaming websites like Apple Music, Spotify and so many more signals one thing; Music Business has evolved and if we are serious about growing our business potential in this arena, we must either “adapt or die”!

Your Business Online: Vodafone outdoors initiative for artists
Chris Adusei

The reality though is that it’s easier for us to adapt because digitalization comes with many advantages. Digitalization of the music scene has allowed for; Easy access to music through music streaming platforms, Easy disbursement of music globally.

The breakdown of walls between musicians and their fans, thus providing an avenue for easy interaction.

Amid these rapid and ongoing digital changes, it is very critical for music artists and entrepreneurs to stay abreast of these fast-paced trends in the industry and cultivate a solid online presence.

In the light of this, as the leading player in the online business arena through Vodafone Business, would like to take advantage of this platforms to offer some critical recommendations:

Having your own musician’s Website might seem obsolete when you already have a social media presence and YouTube account.

However, the selling power of having a website as a musician shouldn’t be overlooked. A website will stand the test of time and give you the permanent online presence you need.

“Your Business Online” by Vodafone allows you to build a personal brand and grow your presence online.

Vodafone website experts will design, build and maintain your online presence – tailoring it exactly how you want it and helping you reach a much wider audience.

To make your website attractive and competitive it is imperative to include the following:

Your Bio, Music albums, Latest release, Brand collaborations, Charity or volunteer work, Upcoming events and performances and An avenue to book people who seek to do business with you.

Your Business Online provides you with basic search engine optimization, email marketing, website analytics, and a personal website consultant among others.

Starting from as low as GHS 99 per year, you can get a one-page website developed and maintained for you by Vodafone to enhance your online presence. Simply email at vodafonebusiness.gh@vodafone.com to get started’.

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