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Some Ghanaian songs are noisy – DJ Ashmen

Highly recognised DJ, DJ Ashmen has dived into the conversation concerning the kind of music that should be churned out by Ghanaian artists.

He insisted that most of the Ghanaian songs existing now – due to their fast tempo and relative noise – are only enjoyable if the listener is intoxicated which further explains why most songs have a short shelf-life.

DJ Ashmen made this statement during an in-depth interview on the Talkertainment show with Elsie Lamar where he also spoke on the genesis of Highlife and its metamorphosis.

Speaking on why Nigerians are producing music that sounds Ghanaian to win global recognition while the Ghanaians themselves are doing something else, DJ Ashmen stated that Nigerians influx into Ghana when Jay Q changed the face of Ghanaian music with Kluu Blofo. Later on, when we ditched our brand of Highlife to follow western influences, the Nigerians then picked up our Highlife and the rest is history.

With his years in the music industry, DJ Ashmen should have been a recipient of an award for his consistency, but that is not the case.

In addressing that issue DJ Ashmen said “Awards have eluded me so far but nonetheless, the passion for music is what drives me on in this profession.”

It came as no surprise when tongues started wagging about his abrupt exit from Zylofon FM.

To put an end to all the rumors DJ Ashmen said that he left the radio station on his own terms while going further to say even though he was earning much money at Zylofon FM, his works weren’t appreciated enough.

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