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Event Organisers are biased toward female artists – Gideon Owusu

Gideon Owusu, an artiste manager also known as Peso Goodman in the entertainment industry, has charged Ghanaian event organizers with discriminating against the nation’s female artists.

He claims that because event organizers are so biased against female entertainers, male performers always dominate at every musical event.

He stated that the tendency of excluding females has not helped the cause of women’s emancipation in the music industry.

Female manager of artists is to blame, according to Gideon Owusu, who also added that these managers are unprofessional and don’t even understand their responsibilities.

“I think Ghanaian managers should manage themselves well before they even consider managing any artists”, he said.

His problem with artiste managers is that most of them don’t know what they’re doing and are only interested in supporting artists who have already achieved success.

He stated that an all-female concert is being planned for very soon and that it will feature the top female artists from Ghana so that their fans may see electrifying performances.

He announced plans of hosting an artiste development forum to educate artists on copyright issues and current music business practices.

The workshop will educate participants on copyright laws protecting the rights of owners and other related laws including laws on copyright infringement.

The workshop is part of measures put in place to reshape and strengthen the activities of the copyright sector in the country.

As usual, it will feature some personalities in the creative industry who will share ideas and experiences with participants.

The speakers at the workshop will lead discussions to examine the area of intellectual property and copyrights within the creative arts fraternity..

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