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Koforidua turned up for VGMA23 Xperience Concert!

The morning after an event is always the best as it leaves memories of what had been a great night.

And this, exactly best fits the morning after the VGMA23 Xperience Concert night.

Entertaining, exciting and heart throbbing, the 2022 edition of this mainstay of an event would go down as one of the best audience engagement witnessed.

The crowd at the Koforidua Jubilee park fully engrossed themselves into the VGMA23 Xperience Concert by cheering, clapping, shouting and doing everything to pump up the adrenaline of each performing artist.

What this yielded in turn was a stream of virtuoso performances that was deviod of audience angst but filled with memories.

No one would let go of Samini’s performance, neither can you convince anyone that the Unsung nominees didn’t do well on the grand stage.

It was the kind of crowd that every performer wishes to have at an event!

And once they got it, they didn’t disappoint with their performances.

Exhilarating, calm in required moments and chest thumping in highly charged moments, the artists billed delivered with everything that they had.

Moments like these are what bring to life the VGMA 23 tagline i.e. The People, The Music, The Culture.

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