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I started writing at 16, played shows in villages, failed auditions for Hitmaker & Mentor – Black Sherif rebuts Blakk Rasta’s ‘1-way’ & ‘lucky’ comment

Black Sherif bares it all!

Black Sherif has replied popular radio personality, Blakk Rasta for claiming that he is a one-way artiste who is overhyped and further revealed how he failed MTN Hitmaker & TV3 Mentor auditions.

After Black Sherif released three singles that made waves internationally, the young artiste has become the darling boy of many because of his unique lyrical prowess and humble touch to his music.

Although the 20-year-old artiste has been applauded for the songs he has released, Blakk Rasta has described Black Sherif music as a ‘one-way’. He is of the view that the young musician has been monotonous and needs to spice up his craft.

In a rebuttal, Black Sherif in an interview on Citi TV narrated his journey and struggles before his recognition and global acceptance.

According to him, he worked hard behind the scenes before his three popular singles ‘First Sermon’ and ‘Second Sermon, ‘Kwaku the Traveler’ and isn’t offended by Blakk Rasta’s words.

“Man has been working from time, man didn’t just pull up. We’ve been on the road from time., We’ve met things and seen things but he dey talk from what he sees.

“I don’t think I’m lucky. We get luck, we get grace but man, I’m not offended but I’m just trying to clear this,” he said in Pidgin English.

Blacko also added that he has songs from 2019 that will refute Blakk Rasta’s claim that he seems to make songs the ‘one-way’.

“That’s what he thinks but I don’t go like that. Brother, I can play you songs I used to make back in 2019 and I know songs I’m making right now and I know my taste,” he added.

In Blakk Rasta’s words that got Black Sherif to react, he said:

“Black Sherif is a brother who is very lucky, people have made songs better than ‘Kwaku the Traveler’. He is very lucky and he has a real grace that is upon him. If I were him, I will start looking at the mistakes of others and move on.

“I have listened to two of his songs and I think that they are so similar. Similarity is not ‘one-way’ but if he is not careful it will be a one-way artiste. His song sounds almost the same. He is a good guy and I love him.”

Furthermore, The ‘Kwaku the Traveler’ crooner narrated how at age 16 he started writing music and auditioned for music reality shows.

Taking fans through his journey to becoming Black Sherif, the artiste mentioned that he auditioned for the MTN hitmaker and Mentor but failed to make the final cut.

“I will like to start when I was like 16 years old in SHS 2 doing this rap from scratch. I noticed that I could put words together. I started writing for over a year. Three weeks before I could leave high school, I got my first studio time and I did my first song with Hushpappi, my friend.

“The man liked it and some laughed at us. So, after high school, I started writing everywhere, at home and that. We went to reality shows, including MTN hitmaker. I passed the first audition, the second audition we didn’t pass. Next, we went to Mentor but didn’t pass,” he said.

Blacko further said that he visited towns and villages to perform with his friends until he recorded a song with popular music producer, Tubaani Music’.

“We started writing again, and recorded ‘Mariana’. 2019, I left Tema back to Konongo and played shows in Ejisu with the man dem. We played shows in the villages and all. January, I recorded ‘Money ship’ with Tubaani on January 28, 2020.

“‘Money’ started taking off and started playing shows and all in February. We dropped the ‘Money’ remix with Tulenkey. Did ‘Destiny’ and dropped ‘Destiny’ and that Christmas went to Enkye. Did the Ashanti Region, and did some villages and came back to Accra,” he added.

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