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‘Downfall’ crooner, Skrewfaze narrates moment 4 fans almost got him poisoned for no reason at all!

‘Downfall’ crooner, Skrewfaze has narrated a life threatening moment he experienced at the hands of 4 unknown assailants who poisoned his drink.

According to the singer, somewhere in February 2023, he stopped at a bar after he had finished playing basketball and grabbed a bottle of alcohol like he normally does.

He said he thought no one would recognise him since he was in a face mask, but four guys started screaming his name, got closer to him, and initiated a conversation with him.

Suddenly, Skrewfaze said there was a quarrel between a certain guy and a kebab seller, which he turned to watch, a point he said the evil guys capitalised on and added something to the drink.

Luckily for him, he became suspicious after realising there were some sudden bubbles in his drink, so he stood up with the pretence of going to urinate and refused to drink despite one of them pressing him to do so, instead pouring the drink out, only to return and realise the guys have vanished.

“I went to play basketball and decided to pass by this joint of mine that I sometimes get drinks from. As you know, I am that solo type. I love to sit alone and do my thing. I was in my nose mask so no one would notice me and had poured half of my drink, and these four guys were screaming, “Skrewfaze, what’s up?”

“Once I turned my back, that was all it took. I turned back to take my drink, and my drink was bubbling like when you buy vitamin C and put it in it. As I was about to drink when one of the guys asked me not to drink yet and that we should have a little chat. I think it was for the thing they put in the drink to dissolve and settle.

So I told them I wanted to go and urinate,” he shared. “When I went to the urinal, I poured the drink away. When I turned, I said, “No, let me check. When I checked the residue under the drink, I brought the drink with me and wanted to ask them which one did this.”

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