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Soorebia’s ‘Made In Bolga Festival’ showcased the Best of Northern Ghana – PHOTOS

Bolga, Ghana – The vibrant and culturally rich city of Bolga played host to the highly anticipated Made In Bolga Festival, organized by the talented and dynamic Soorebia.

The festival was a huge success, drawing crowds from all over the region to experience the unique sights, sounds, and flavors of Bolga.

The festival, which took place on Sunday 9th and 10th April 2023, brought together musicians, dancers, and artists from across the region to celebrate their heritage.

The festival kicked off with a colorful exhibition of locally made artifacts at the Jubilee Park, featuring stunning traditional costumes and mesmerizing drumming and dancing displays.

The exhibition was one of the highlights of the festival which showcased the best of Bolga’s arts and crafts.

From intricately woven baskets to beautifully crafted pottery, there was something for everyone.

The energy was palpable as locals and tourists like popular actress Nikoletta Samonas and standup comedian DKB, joined in the festivities, with smiles and laughter filling the air. They also bought some of the art on display.

The following day was the musical performance at the Jocom Golden Hotel featuring some of the most talented musicians in the region.

Soorebia himself took to the stage to perform his unique blend of traditional rhythms and modern beats.

Other performers included the legendary Okomfour Kwadee, Kundivi Mahama, Skerry Sparta, Pandy, Jojo Iytel, Jahbone MP, Alaptawan, and others.

From soulful ballads to lively dance beats, the music had everyone on their feet and dancing the night away.

Throughout the festival, there were also a variety of live music performances, featuring some of the most talented musicians in the region.

Soorebia, the festival’s organizer, was thrilled with the success of the event. “We wanted to create a platform to showcase the incredible talent and culture of Bolga,” he said. “And we’re thrilled with the response from everyone who attended. The festival has brought people together, and

In addition to music performances, the festival also featured dance performances from local troupes and the Pogne dance competition.

The dancers showcased the famous traditional dance Pogne as well as contemporary styles. Winners took home prizes.

The winner took home a 25kg bag of BBN rice, a bottle of cooking oil, Ghc15o.00, and a branded Made In Bolga T-Shirt.

The first runner-up went away with a 25kg bag of BBN rice, Ghc100.00 cash, and a branded Made In Bolga T-Shirt.

As for the second runner-up, he received a bottle of cooking oil, Gc70,00, and a branded Made In Bolga T-Shirt.

The third runner-up was given Ghc50 and a branded Made In Bolga T-Shirt.

Speaking about the festival, Soorebia said: “If you watch the Upper East Region particularly Bolga, the youth seem to be departing from our cultural values.

People don’t even have an interest so as a face of a brand that is more popular, I just thought since we are doing secular music which has a  vibe, we should be able to draw them to the cultural thing.

Hopefully, the people will get interested in the culture of the town. There’s no such thing in Bolga. Noting like festival goes on where local kinds of stuff which is particular to the Upper East Region are displayed “.

Soorebia contained to add that, ” the main highlight that was a pogne dance which is a dance that they haven’t really given the attention.

So when people heard there was a completion, part from all the social media promotion, over 10 million views now for all the pogne dance we put on social media, you can imagine all the eyes that watched these videos.

On social media alone we were able to promote the pogne dance…the people were so excited with the display and hoping that we continue. If not for anything, something new happened this year which is a dance competition. We executed very well and promoted the Upper East region on social media and beyond”.

The Made In Bolga Festival was attended by the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Execute (MCE) Rex Asanga, representatives from the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), and of hundreds of people from across Ghana and beyond.

Many attendees praised the organizers for putting together such a vibrant celebration of Northern Ghana’s culture.

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