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Michy gives reasons for confronting Medikal; speaks on failed relationship with Shatta Wale while holding back tears!

In a heartfelt interview, Michy opened up about her reasons for confronting Medikal and courageously shares her emotional journey through a failed relationship with Shatta Wale, fighting back tears.

In an attempt to justify her attack on Medikal, Michy during an interview said she attacked the rapper because there is a history and as a human being, she “spat fire to release stress” instead of suppressing her feelings in the name of being a brand.

Michy had shown up for an interview on Adom TV which centered on her relationship with her baby daddy Shatta Wale with her confrontation with Medikal at an event also becoming a part of the conversation at the tail end of the interview.

DJ Slim, a regular panelist on Andy Dosty’s show opined that Michy should have considered her brand and handled the issue in a more decorous manner but Michy said her “premeditated” action which she had “planned since February” shows she is human.

“Sometimes, let’s put brand aside and be human beings. I’m sitting here, Andy has asked me some questions that have made my feet shake, my hands shake. You know why? I feel like crying but I’m holding it. So far so good, God has guided us but once in a while, I’m human and I want to be allowed to feel human,” she argued in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

She continued: “The trigger was the interview. That interview was around February or March. A lot had happened before that and I had been silent. I don’t think he (Medikal) knows the 411 so I would have appreciated it if he never commented. I would have also appreciated it for the history I have with the man (Shatta Wale). I will not talk about your wife. I owe my son and myself that defense.”

What happened between Michy and Medikal

Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, popularly known as Michy, the mother of Shatta Wale’s 6-year-old son, Majesty, confronted Medikal over his claim that Shatta is a responsible father when she has always maintained that he doesn’t live up to expectations.

What initially seemed like a friendly conversation escalated quickly when the rapper who had had enough from Michy who had a camera to his face advised her to act responsibly at the party of blogger, GhKwaku on April 29.

Medikal who was in attendance at the party with his wife, Fella Makafui, had to be dragged away by a friend when Michy lost her cool.

Although a video of the said Medikal interview showed that he rather praised Shatta Wale for paying the school fees of Island (Medikal’s child), Michy said she has no regrets about confronting the rapper in public.

What Medikal said about Shatta Wale

Medikal in a radio interview with Shatta Wale on Luv FM publicly thanked his good friend for willingly settling the tuition fees of his first child, Island Frimpong.

The rapper announced that he did not have to bother about school fees when he enrolled his 2-year-old daughter in school for the first time.

“Island just started school like two days ago and Shatta paid her fees for the first time, you know. He sorted out the fees for a whole year so I am good on that side. He has paid it for a year, for like three terms,” the rapper expressed his gratitude to Shatta.

Confirming the statement, the popular Dancehall musician named young Island as a blessing. “That kid (Island), it is good that Medikal gave birth to her. When she touches my money, I get more money,” he said.

It’s either a conversation about our son or nothing else – Michy to Shatta

In her interview on Adom TV, Michy said the only conversation she would have with Shatta Wale would be about their child and “nothing else”.

Without mincing words, Michy said she is only up for a mature conversation that would centre on the child’s wellbeing.

“I’ve been in conversations with him. The focus should be on the child but I have not seen that. It’s not about me and him (Shatta); it’s about the child and that’s all I want to talk about. What happened, who said what, who did what is needless,” she said.

Michy and Shatta Wale broke up in 2019. According to Shatta Wale, he met Michy when she was 17 and they dated for 8 years.

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