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I’m disappointed in organizers of Western Gospel Awards for awarding up & coming artiste KDM Artiste of the Year – Nii Noi

Nii Noi, host of the Christian Entertainment Review show on ATV & a founding member of the Gospel Fraternity’s Table of Men, has expressed disappointment in Western Gospel Awards organizers for crowning Takoradi-based Gospel artiste, KDM the coveted Artist of the Year title.

He made this statement while hosting the highly patronized Christian Entertainment Review show which aired on Saturday June 3rd, alongside pundits – Zhikay of Gospel2Me, Precious of Alpha Gospel, and Stephen Owusu (popularly known as the Shishiishi Man) of OS TV,

Nii Noi’s submissions was triggered by KDM’s bold statement during an interview on Connect FM in Takoradi, where the artist claimed that the compositions in Western Region gospel songs surpassed those in Accra, questioning the hype surrounding Accra’s biggest gospel artists such as Diana Hamilton, Joe Mettle, MOGmusic, Akesse Brempong, and others.

“To me, the compositions that we (artistes from the Western Region) put in our songs are way better than those in Accra. Accra’s biggest Gospel artistes including Diana Hamilton, Joe Mettle, MOGmusic, Akesse Brempong, others are overhyped, just exclude their fame and publicity”, KDM allured.

While some may support KDM’s assertion, all pundits and callers on the show felt it was a direct attack on the artists from Accra, who have gained prominence and recognition both nationally and internationally.

During the live broadcast of the Christian Entertainment Review show, Nii Noi, along with the other pundits, passionately shared their discontentment with the statement made by KDM.

Nii Noi stated, “I’m disappointed in the organizers of the Western Gospel Awards for awarding KDM Artiste of the Year. KDM is an up and coming artiste from Takoradi. I’m sorry but I know SK, Navah, KODA, I know a lot of good gospel artistes from Takoradi and you award this guy?”.

In response, KDM called in on the show and stated, “I am not attacking any senior Gospel artiste. You might misunderstand me because you just focused on a part of the interview, You would have understood me better if you listened to the entire interview”.

However both hosts and pundits agreed that KDM was unrepentant despite attempting to justify his statements.

The pundits’ disapproval is sure to ignite a heated debate, sparking widespread discussions among music enthusiasts and fans of gospel music especially in Takoradi, Western Region and across the nation.

Accra has long been regarded as the hub of gospel music in Ghana, with notable artists such as Diana Hamilton, Joe Mettle, MOGmusic, and Akesse Brempong leading the way.

These artists have consistently delivered inspiring and impactful songs, touching the hearts of many listeners and earning numerous accolades in the process.

Their compositions have resonated with people of all walks of life, transcending geographical boundaries. Accra’s gospel artists have undoubtedly played a crucial role in elevating Ghanaian gospel music to new heights.

While the controversy surrounding KDM’s statement persists, it is important to appreciate the rich diversity and talent that exists within Ghana’s gospel music scene.

Each region brings its unique flavor and style to the genre, contributing to the growth and evolution of gospel music as a whole. Rather than fueling division and animosity, it is crucial for stakeholders within the industry to foster unity, encouraging healthy competition and the exchange of ideas between artists from different regions.

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