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Amakye Dede Reveals Coercion in Naming Kuami Eugene as Future King of Highlife; Teases Sarkodie Collaboration

Ghanaian highlife legend, Amakye Dede, recently revealed being pressured into naming Kuami Eugene the future king of highlife in Ghana and also hinted at an upcoming collaboration with Sarkodie.

Amakye Dede says he was forced to crown Kuami Eugene ‘King of Highlife’

Following this incident, Amakye Dede faced significant backlash from various players in the music industry, including record producer Zapp Mallet.

During an appearance on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Wednesday, Amakye Dede spoke candidly about the circumstances surrounding the crowning moment.

He expressed that it was not his desire or intention to bestow the title upon Kuami Eugene, indicating that external pressures influenced his decision.

“Though I did that, it was not my will to do so.”

“They forced me to crown Kuami Eugene,” he said.

Amakye Dede revealed that he initially even attempted to pass the crown given to him onto someone else, refusing to participate in the act. However, he was eventually compelled to carry out the coronation against his own will.

“I even gave the crown they handed over to me to someone to put it down, but they later said, no I have to crown him, and I did it,” he added.

The Su fre wo Nyame hitmaker shared these details, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that led to the controversial crowning moment.

The revelation adds depth to the ongoing discussions and criticisms surrounding the appointment of Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife.

Furthermore, the Ghanaian highlife legend, has expressed his intention to continue his music career for the foreseeable future, highlighting his ongoing passion for creating music.

In an asaaseradio.com report, the renowned “Iron Boy” hitmaker, who has dedicated decades to the music industry, revealed that he has a new collaboration in the works with Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie.

He credited his early experience and work in Festac, Nigeria, as the foundation for his captivating live performances in Ghana.

With a career spanning numerous years, the veteran musician emphasized his unwavering commitment to music.

“I’ve been in the music industry for decades, and I have no plans to stop yet. Music is ingrained in me, and I am deeply connected to it. No one taught me how to write music,” he stated.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Amakye Dede recounted auditioning to join Akwasi Ampofo Agyei’s crew and impressing the veteran musician with his rendition of one of his songs.

This led to him being hired on the spot. Amakye Dede acknowledged the significant influence of Akwasi Ampofo Agyei, his mentor, during the nearly five years they worked together.

He expressed gratitude for the valuable lessons learned and the trust placed in him, attributing his exemplary lifestyle to gaining the respect and guidance of his master.

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