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 Martenni’s new situationship breeds ‘Trouble’ for the Summer 

Martenni saunters into the Summer with the intoxicating pull of her latest single, ‘Trouble.’

The moment ‘Trouble’ starts stunning is the word that creeps into your mind. Martenni’s falsetto and the lavish instrumentation in which her dreamy vocals bathe seems almost magical.

The spellbinding affair plays like a futuristic Afropop meets high fashion bop; it hits your ear’s runway with the sway of a Vogue model, and the experience is intoxicating. Stream here.

Produced by Elkanah, ‘Trouble’ is a daring song that breeds much excitement for Martenni’s future releases.

It captures the impulsiveness of any young woman addicted to flings and all the dopamine it can afford – even if toxic, just as her lyrics highlight: “This boy, this boy na be trouble na ah/He be fine oh la la, and his pananana (oh).”

“Ever been in a situationship – like fell in love with a guy only to find out he’s up to no good? But the connection is so good you don’t mind sticking it out.

That’s the vibe I’m going for with my new song [‘Trouble’] and the ladies already know: what’s life without a bit of trouble,” Martenni explains.

Last August, Martenni, who resides in Detroit in the USA, didn’t skimp on the Summer either.

The Filipino-Ghanaian singer linked up with Ghanaian stars, Friction of VVIP fame and Jefri King to gift fans the sizzling ‘No Stress’ – an ornate Afro-fusion delight that made everyone’s time in the heat a tad better. She does the same this time but with more pizazz to her latest, ‘Trouble.’ 

‘Trouble’ is another step in the right direction for Martenni and the first borne outside her comfort zone.


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