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Afrobeats isn’t a SIN – Scott Evans shoots down stigma

In a bold statement that challenges traditional perceptions of Gospel music, Urban Gospel frontliner Scott Evans has advocated for Gospel artists to embrace the vibrant sound of Afrobeats.

Highlighting the immense potential and impact of this fusion genre in an interview on Metro TV’s Entertainment Review show, Evans urged Gospel artists to step outside their comfort zones and explore the rich tapestry of AfroGospel.

With its infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies, Afrobeats has the potential to connect with diverse audiences and bring a fresh wave of inspiration to the Gospel music scene.

Scott Evans believes that Gospel artists should not consider Afrobeats as a “sin” but rather as an exciting avenue to express their faith and connect with a broader audience.

By infusing Gospel messages into Afrobeats, artists have the opportunity to create infectious tunes that resonate with listeners across cultural boundaries.

This expansion into AfroGospel allows artists to reach a wider demographic and bring the message of hope, love, and salvation to new ears.

Evans emphasizes that the diversity of music styles and genres should be celebrated within the Gospel music sphere. Afrobeats, with its pulsating rhythms and energetic beats, adds a fresh and captivating dimension to Gospel music. By blending the essence of Afrobeats with Gospel lyrics and themes, artists can create a unique and dynamic musical experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Reaching the Unchurched

Afrobeats has gained tremendous popularity globally, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. By infusing Gospel messages into this widely embraced genre, Gospel artists have the opportunity to connect with the unchurched and introduce them to the transformative power of faith.

The infectious nature of Afrobeats can serve as a bridge between different communities, igniting conversations about spirituality and opening hearts to the message of Christ.

A New Era of AfroGospel

Scott Evans believes that the exploration of Afrobeats in Gospel music marks the beginning of a new era—AfroGospel. This fusion genre represents the marriage of African rhythms and Gospel spirituality, creating a vibrant and powerful musical movement.

The “100 Percent” crooner encourages Gospel artists to fearlessly embrace this genre, experiment with its sounds, and redefine the boundaries of Gospel music.


As Gospel music evolves and adapts to the changing times, Scott Evans passionately advocates for the exploration of Afrobeats in Gospel music. By embracing the captivating rhythms and infectious energy of Afrobeats, Gospel artists can unlock new avenues of creative expression and connect with a broader audience.

The rise of AfroGospel signals an exciting future, where the fusion of diverse genres leads to a powerful and transformative musical experience. Let us join Scott Evans in embracing the boundless possibilities of AfroGospel and embark on a journey of musical exploration and spiritual revelation.

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