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New Music! Yao King-Eli and Pure Akan’s ‘Mennda’ is a touching ode to lost love

Yao King-Eli collaborates with the Pure Akan to unlock the emotions of a heart longing for its missing half in ‘Mennda‘.

In this evocative musical journey, they weave a tapestry of melodies that beautifully encapsulates the experience of longing for a lost lover.

Through vibrant rhythms that blend the vibrant pulse of Afrobeat with classic Ghanaian “Borga Highlife” and the soul-stirring essence of traditional African melodies, Yao King-Eli and Pure Akan create an atmospheric composition that takes listeners on a poignant expedition of emotions.

The music itself resonates with layers of rich instrumentation, seamlessly fusing traditional African instruments like the conga and shakers with contemporary elements such as pulsing basslines and infectious chords, tones, and riffs.

The synergy between Yao King-Eli’s knack for crafting infectious melodies and Pure Akan’s deep-rooted lyrical prowess forms the perfect backdrop for this emotional narrative.


Mennda is a testament to the power of music to express the profound emotions we experience in the absence of a loved one.

Through their mesmerizing collaboration, Yao King-Eli and Pure Akan ensure that every note and every word speaks directly to the hearts of those who have ever felt the ache of longing for their missing lover.

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