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Selina Boateng Confronts Body Shamers of her Corset Viral Video

Taking a bold stand against body shaming, Gospel artist Selina Boateng has addressed the issue faced by women, particularly celebrities, who are targeted by online trolls on social platforms.

She wants to end this hurtful behavior and is using her platform to spread awareness about treating celebrities with kindness.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the Alpha & Omega singer highlighted the damaging impact body shaming could have on individuals, regardless of their fame or success.

She emphasised that celebrities, just like everyone else, had feelings and insecurities, and deserved to be treated with kindness and understanding.

“The effects of body shaming are not confined to the public eye. They trickle down to influence societal attitudes towards body image and self-esteem and this toxic behaviour needs to stop.

“Behind every celebrity’s public persona lies a human being with emotions, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. When you make mockery of someone’s appearance, you’re not just attacking their image, but you’re also affecting their mental and emotional well-being,” she added.

The singer, who has been vocal about her own struggles with body image in the past, acknowledged that body positivity was essential and that nobody should be subjected to hurtful comments about their appearance.

Asked how far she intended to take her campaign, Selina disclosed that her advocacy for body positivity was not just limited to her online presence. She planned to collaborate with fellow musicians to organise workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to address the issue.

“Celebrities continue to hold immense influence on social media and I am very positive, if we join hands together, we can foster a healthier online culture. I have realised that music has the power to touch people’s hearts and change perspectives.

“As artistes, we have a responsibility to promote positive values and help build a supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their appearance.

“Music has the power to touch people’s hearts and change perspectives,” Boateng said passionately. “As artistes, we have a responsibility to promote positive values and help build a supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their appearance”.

The singer was recently a victim of body shaming when she was spotted elegantly clad in a form-fitting corseted outfit.

However, what might have initially seemed like a bold and avant-garde fashion statement from Selina has stirred up a diverse range of reactions among her followers.

The ensemble featured intricate lacework, boning, and details, creating a captivating look of Selina’s curves in the dress.

Yet, the eye-catching design seemingly came at a notable cost, evident in the evident discomfort reflected in Selina’s posture.

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