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Kuami Eugene Receives Royalties from Mr Drew and Defends Secular Artists Writing for Gospel Singers – Full Gist Here

Kuami Eugene has confirmed receiving royalties from Mr Drew for ‘Case’ and defended the idea that secular artists can write for gospel singers, emphasizing that spirituality is a personal connection between the artist and God, and judgment should be avoided.

This comes weeks after the ‘Angela’ hitmaker expressed his disappointment in his colleague for failing to do the needful by giving him  (Kuami Eugene) after writing about 80 percent of his ( Drew) song ‘Case’.

“I wrote the entire hook, and some parts of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song that hook and everything was already done, he listened to it and sang it,” he said.

However, in a new interview on Hitz FM, the 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) Artiste of the Year disclosed that the ‘Dwe’ singer has hit him up. He explained that his colleague asked for his details for the split sheet to be done, adding that his due percentage has been credited to him.

“He didn’t have a total knowledge of what he was doing. He didn’t know that if you put music out there without the consent of the one that wrote it, it’s illegal. So I won’t blame him. He is a brother, and I am glad he learned and he hit me up right after everything. He’s given me my percentage,” he stated.

Furthermore, Kuami Eugene has addressed critics who say that secular artists shouldn’t write songs for gospel artistes. According to him, spirituality is a personal matter between God and the artiste, thus no one should judge who is worthy enough to write a gospel song.

Kuami Eugene made his views known on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM where he expressed that judgment should not be passed on others. He questioned the intended audience for religious teachings and pointed out that the Bible primarily promotes love rather than criticism.

“Who is to tell if somebody is spiritual or not? What we do is in the hands of God. All I’ve spoken about is love, I don’t think the Bible is about going to criticize people,” he said.


In his defense, Kuami Eugene explained that his gift of music is God-given and not the product of humans. Kuami Eugene called on Christians to support and promote musicians who can incorporate love and positive themes into their songs rather than shunning them from the gospel genre. Emphasizing that this mindset might push talented individuals away from embracing faith.

“You want to complain about this talent, my talent wasn’t given to me by a man, it’s a God-given talent. Christians should embark on that project to make artistes who can write (like Akwaboa and Kwabena Kwabena) do more gospel songs.

“But this is rather the case where if you try anything gospel-related. You are asked to go back to the world. You are pushing people who want to come to God away,” he lamented.

Kuami Eugene encouraged an understanding of the Bible before passing judgment on others. He also defended the lyrical content of his music, emphasising that his songs promote love and positivity rather than violence or negativity.

“Before you crucify any person out there, read the whole Bible first. If you listen to my sound, I don’t talk about killing people, I don’t talk about hurting people, I don’t talk about rape, all I sing about is love. If what the person said was meant for me. That’s a wrong statement,” he said.

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