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Medikal claims he’s underrated, admits the necessity of Tiktokers in music promo – Full Details

After feeling underrated in the music industry despite years of making music lovers dance to his impeccable rap style, Ghanaian rapper Medikal sees creators on TikTok as an essential part of promoting his music, willingly compensating them for their efforts.

Speaking in a recent interview on Hitz FM’s ‘Daybreak Hitz’, the “Sowutuom” rapper said he strongly believes TikTok is significant medium of influence in today’s music scene and he doesn’t mind investing resources to get his music outside.

“Sometimes, before I drop a song, I meet some of the TikTok influencers, dancers, etc. I support them because, as you see, they support Ghana music, not just my music. And I find what they’re doing so interesting”, he said.

Medikal further explained that he maintains a positive working relationship with these content creators, adding that they are essential to the success of songs in Ghana.

“Right now, things have changed. It’s not like a big artiste can just drop a song and go to sleep, because their (TikTokers) efforts make songs blow up as well.

“So I don’t wait to even drop a song before, like, yeah, I meet them in town. Because it’s entertainment, we are all in the same business, so it’s only right to be nice. So that they will also be there for you,” he added.

Furthwrmore, after years of making music lovers dance to his impeccable rap style, Ghanaian rapper, Medikal feels he’s underrated in the music industry.

In a recent interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the ‘Sowutuom’ rapper defined himself as a unique artist whose brand is exceptional and surpasses any other in the music industry, however, sometimes, he feels unappreciated.

“Sometimes I feel like I am underrated, sometimes I sit down and watch and I know how to disassociate ‘Samuel Adu Frimpong’ from the brand ‘Medikal’, they are two different things and a lot of people don’t know this.

“A lot of people carry their persona, their selves with the brand, they are two different things, when you walk out of here, Andy you are going home, not at Hitz Fm and you can have any conversation on your phone, you can use any word like they way some songs need filters, when I am in my car and I’m playing my songs I don’t have to mute so there is a personal life as well.

He continued; “So I just feel like, I sit down sometimes and watch some of my shows or listen to my songs and I feel like this guy is dope, if I wasn’t an artist and I was just a normal person watching this person, I’ll be like this guy knows what he is doing and that is why I think I have been in this scene for a while because it is not easy to be consistent”, he said.

According to Medikal, he deserves some accolades for his contributions to the Ghana music industry.

“Hit songs are simple to make, it’s simple to promote songs through Tiktok and social media but to be able to be in the business for a very long time, I think I am underrated and I deserve some flowers.

He added; “I am grateful for where I am but I feel like there should be more light phone on this particular Medikal, the Artist because sometimes looking back I think I have done enough and I am overworking, I have so many songs out there but that is me, I can’t be there without working.

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