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Pinky Pecks kickstarts new era for women in Ghanaian music with controversial stance: “It’s no man’s land”

Pinky Pecks Addresses Industry Gender Disparity!

In a recent interview on Anidaso TV, rising music sensation, Pinky Pecks made a controversial statement that has sent shockwaves through the industry.

Pinky Pecks appeared on the network’s late-night show to promote her new single ‘Mama’ and drop surprise live performances during a Q&A. The session was relatively calm until the star was confronted about women trailing behind men in the industry, prompting a discussion about the validity of the phrase, “What a man can do a woman can do better.” 

With unwavering confidence, the singer gave a controversial answer. She said she didn’t feel intimidated by men having the upper hand. Though she acknowledged the disparity, Pinky remarked that the tide is changing and ordained herself the change the industry needs. “Maybe I will be that change because of my energy and style. It’s no man’s land,” she aired in Twi.

While many commended Pinky for her bold and ambitious comments, others did not. Her self-ordination as the change industry needs came off as contentious to some and sparked an intense debate and speculation among fans, industry insiders and music enthusiasts alike.

Pinky Pecks, known for her unique style and captivating performances, has gained popularity among fans since her debut 2023 EP, “Spotlight Gyal.” Her recent statement has left many wondering whether she possesses the talent, influence and vision required to change the current trend.

While some cheer her desire to be a mold-breaker, others remain doubtful. Critics argue that success in the industry is a collective effort, requiring the continuous collaboration and contributions of various artists, producers and stakeholders, regardless of sex. They question if one artist can single-handedly disrupt that balance. But to Pinky, nothing is impossible.

Whichever way, all eyes are on Pinky now. The controversy surrounding her claim has reignited conversations about the future of women in Ghanaian music. This systemic problem has gotten better with time. However, everyone hopes the burgeoning star can live up to her bold declarations and be the change she wants.

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