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RNL Music Worldwide Launches in Ghana with a Diverse Roster of Talented Artists – Full Details HERE!

RNL Music Worldwide: A New Dawn in the World of Music

RNL Music Worldwide, a new record label dedicated to fostering musical diversity and innovation, has launched in Ghana.

With a commitment to nurturing local talent and promoting global collaboration, RNL Music Worldwide aims to contribute to the evolution of the music industry by introducing fresh, impactful sounds and fostering a culture of artistic integrity and innovation.

RNL Music Worldwide enters the market with a vision to discover, develop, and promote exceptional talent. The team seeks to provide a supportive environment for artists, enabling them to focus on their craft while the label handles the business aspects of their careers.

Unveiling the Artists

At the heart of RNL Music Worldwide’s launch are its talented roster of artists, each poised to make a distinct mark on the music scene:

● Ovadem

● Shonddem

These artists bring unique styles and perspectives to our roster, embodying the diversity and creativity that our label stands for. We are excited to support their journeys and share their music with the world.


Leading the team at RNL Music Worldwide is Richard Ntow Larbi, whose visionary leadership and deep-rooted passion for music have shaped the label’s ethos. With a team of industry experts and creative minds, RNL Music Worldwide is poised to set new standards of artistic integrity and global collaboration in the Ghanaian music industry.

RNL Music Worldwide is excited to embark on this journey, and the label looks forward to collaborating with local stakeholders, industry partners, the media, and music enthusiasts to expand its footprint and impact.

For more information, follow us on social media @RNLmusicworldwide.

About RNL Music Worldwide: RNL Music Worldwide is a Ghanaian-based record label committed to celebrating diversity, innovation, and artistic excellence in the global music industry.

With a focus on Ghanaian talent and a dedication to global collaboration, RNL Music Worldwide aims to inspire audiences and elevate the cultural conversation through the power of music.

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