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Mona4Reall’s Legal Team Unveils Shocking Evidence in Romance Scam Case – Full Details HERE!

Exposed: The Story of Sam Cross and the Fake Mona4Reall Deception!

In a dramatic turn of events, the legal team representing Mona Faiz Montrage, also known as Mona4Reall, has presented compelling testimony in Exhibit B titled “Romance Scam: The Story of Sam Cross and Fake Mona4Reall” to assert her innocence against the fraud charges she faces.

Central to this testimony is the account of Sam Cross, a 75-year-old fitness coach renowned for his Instagram fitness videos, who claims he was scammed by someone impersonating Mona4Reall.

Cross’s detailed account paints a vivid picture of how he was duped into believing he was interacting with the real Mona4Reall through an elaborate scheme of deception.

Cross recounted how he initially connected with a person using photos of Hajia4Reall/Mona4Reall on Instagram, leading him to believe he was conversing with the real Mona.

This ‘Fake Mona’ claimed to live in Durham, North Carolina, and operate a dental clinic, while Cross resided in New York. Their online relationship grew intimate, with ‘Fake Mona’ sharing personal stories, including that her daughter lived with relatives in New York.

The deception took a significant turn when Cross stumbled upon a promotional poster featuring the real Mona4Reall at the Ghana Music Awards. When confronted, ‘Fake Mona’ insisted it was her, pleading for secrecy and leveraging Cross’s trust to further entangle him in a web of lies.

As the scheme progressed, ‘Fake Mona’ introduced Cross to fictitious associates like Henry Wald, a supposed social media expert, and Ama, a purported Ghanaian attorney. They coerced Cross into financing various endeavors, including legal fees and plans to secure millions from Mona’s management.

Cross detailed how he was manipulated into paying for fake medical treatments, a fictional Muslim marriage ceremony, visa fees, and school expenses for ‘Fake Mona’s’ child. He even managed ‘Fake Mona’s’ events, believing he was supporting appearances with artists like Stonebwoy and Efya.

The scam deepened with ‘Fake Mona’s’ release of a song and interactions involving a ‘fake Bola Ray’, who promised assistance while further draining Cross’s finances. The charade finally unraveled when news broke of Mona’s arrest in connection with a $2 million romance scam.

Realizing the extent of the deception, Cross reached out to ‘Fake Bola Ray’ and uncovered the depth of the fraud upon Mona’s extradition to the U.S. and subsequent legal proceedings. It was during a meeting with Mona’s attorney in the U.S. that Cross fully grasped the scam he had fallen victim to.

Cross’s testimony serves as a crucial piece of evidence in Mona’s defense, highlighting the complexities and emotional toll of online deception. This case underscores the importance of vigilance and verification in virtual relationships.

Currently, Mona is pleading for a reduced three-month jail term and deportation from the United States, as her legal team continues to argue her innocence in this complex and emotionally charged case.

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