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“Defe Defe” Dispute: Original Singer Shocked by Team Eternity’s Handling of Copyright Issues – Full Details HERE!

Defe Defe Copyright Dispute: Singer Calls Out Unauthorized Sampling

In a surprising twist, Mabel Tiwaa Rockson of Hallelujah Voices, the original singer of the popular “Defe Defe” song, has voiced her disappointment with Team Eternity’s approach to addressing the copyright issues surrounding their rendition of the track.

Kwame Mickey, the producer of the original “Defe Defe,” has publicly called on Team Eternity to meet with him and provide proper compensation for what he claims is an unauthorized sampling of his work. Determined to seek justice, Kwame Mickey expressed his intentions to pursue the matter legally if necessary.

In her first public statement on the issue during an interview with Hello FM in Kumasi, Mabel Tiwaa Rockson shared her shock and displeasure at how Team Eternity has handled the situation. She mentioned that she initially enjoyed their version of the song and believed that an earlier approach to her could have resolved the matter amicably.

“I heard my children singing the song and thought they had made something up,” Rockson recounted. “It turned out a group had sung it. I wanted to do a remix, but I had to hold on because their song was out there and was doing so well.”

Rockson explained that Kwame Mickey informed her about his decision to address the issue on social media, a move she found regrettable. She believed that a more direct, respectful approach would have been more appropriate.

“He called out Team Eternity on social media. If he had told us, we would have advised him to give it to God, but he wouldn’t take that approach,” she said.

“They called my husband and told him that we are Christians and should handle it like Christians, not like those in the hiplife industry. I felt offended when my husband told me about what they said.”

The “Defe Defe” controversy has sparked a broader conversation about intellectual property and the importance of proper credit and compensation within the music industry. As the dispute continues, many are watching closely to see how it will be resolved and what precedents it may set for future cases.

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