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Edi Lawani’s Exposé on Hiplife Failure & Afrobeats Success at WAMA Festival – Full Details HERE!

Edi Lawani on Hiplife's Decline and Afrobeats' Rise at West African Music and Arts Festival

Edi Lawani, a distinguished Nigerian Event Specialist, entertainment business entrepreneur, and Strategic Communications Consultant, delivered a thought-provoking speech on the second day of the West African Music and Arts Festival masterclass session.

Known for his pivotal role in the Nigerian Afrobeats revolution, Lawani shared valuable insights into the evolution of African music and the lessons learned from the rise and fall of various genres.

During his address, Lawani reminisced about the golden era of Hiplife, a genre that once dominated the music scenes of Ghana and Nigeria.

He recalled how prominent Hiplife groups such as VIP and Tic Tac were at the forefront of the genre, captivating audiences across both countries. Lawani himself played a crucial role in introducing Hiplife tracks to the Nigerian market, helping to broaden its reach.

However, despite Hiplife’s initial success, Lawani noted that the genre struggled to sustain its momentum.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the industry, he advised Ghanaian artists to innovate and evolve Hiplife’s style and sound to appeal to a global audience and adapt to the rapidly changing musical landscape. Unfortunately, his advice went unheeded.

Lawani attributed this oversight to a sense of complacency among Hiplife artists, who he believed became too comfortable with their initial success and lacked a long-term vision for the genre. As a result, Hiplife failed to adapt, leading to its gradual decline.

In contrast, Lawani highlighted the meteoric rise of Afrobeats, which emerged as a dynamic and versatile genre capable of capturing global attention. Afrobeats artists embraced innovation, collaboration, and a forward-thinking approach, allowing the genre to flourish internationally.

Lawani emphasized that the success of Afrobeats should serve as a lesson for other genres, illustrating the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in the music industry.

Lawani’s reflections sparked a lively discussion among attendees, who were eager to learn from his experiences and apply these lessons to their own musical endeavors.

The masterclass session at the Labadi Beach Hotel proved to be an enlightening and inspiring event, offering valuable insights into the evolution of West African music and the factors that contribute to sustained success in the industry.

As the West African Music and Arts Festival continues, artists and industry professionals are encouraged to take Lawani’s advice to heart, fostering innovation and adaptability to ensure the continued growth and global impact of African music.

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