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Rising Star DJ Liam Joins Forces with ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Sensation Abigail for Joy Prime’s 4KidzParadise Special

Meet DJ Liam: The Young Talent Taking the Music Scene by Storm

In an electrifying collaboration, young talent DJ Liam, born Prince Liam Lartey Sackitey, and seven-year-old dance prodigy Abigail, the second runner-up of the 2024 edition of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ delivered a memorable performance for the extended Father’s Day edition of Joy Prime’s 4KidzParadise.

Their dynamic synergy left viewers in awe, marking a high point in the show’s history.

The Disc Jockey and the Dancer were brought together by the production team of 4KidzParadise, creating a heartwarming spectacle on Saturday, June 22. Their performances not only entertained but also showcased the incredible talents of these young stars, bringing smiles to countless faces.

DJ Liam is swiftly climbing the ranks in the music scene, enchanting global audiences with his natural flair for spinning tracks.

This resonates with Abigail’s inspiring journey from the national talent challenge to the esteemed stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ where she captivated audiences with her adorable dance moves and remarkable talent.

Meet DJ Liam: A Rising Star

Born on January 13, 2014, in Hopewell, New Jersey, Liam Lartey Sackitey has always stood out as a natural leader. Known for his kindness, loyalty, and fairness, Liam has earned the respect of his peers and numerous school awards. These qualities have become his hallmark, reflecting his consistent and admirable behavior.

Currently a fourth grader, Liam excels in music, technology, and gym class, even though traditional schoolwork poses challenges. He dreams of becoming a DJ, rapper, YouTuber, and sprinter, approaching each aspiration with boundless enthusiasm and heart.

From his debut at ‘A Pint for Life’ to captivating audiences on ‘4Kidz Paradise,’ DJ Liam is making waves as a rising star in the world of young performers.

Outside the classroom, Liam is a bundle of energy and excitement. He loves traveling, ensuring no summer passes without a vacation. His passion for gaming, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog, fuels his dreams of speed and running, emulating his hero Usain Bolt.

Despite the occasional scraped knee, Liam’s enthusiasm for running never diminishes, embodying his unstoppable energy and zest for life.

Liam’s future shines as brightly as his smile, with family and friends proudly supporting his journey. Follow DJ Liam’s exciting adventures on social media @djliamgh and watch this young talent’s incredible rise in the entertainment world.

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