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Black Sherif Credits His Unique Fashion Sense to His Mother’s Influence

Behind Black Sherif's Style: The Seamstress Mother's Impact!

Award-winning Ghanaian musician Black Sherif, celebrated for his distinctive style and chart-topping hits, has unveiled the source of his unique fashion sense: his mother, a renowned seamstress.

In an exclusive interview with Joy Business News, the 2023 VGMA (now TGMA) Artiste of the Year, Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, shared how his mother’s influence has profoundly shaped his approach to fashion and personal style.

Black Sherif attributed his bold and eclectic wardrobe choices to his mother’s keen eye for detail and creativity.

According to the hitmaker, his mother was among the top five seamstresses in their hometown of Konongo. Her exceptional skills and unique designs significantly impacted his fashion sense from a young age.

Black Sherif reminisced about how his mother introduced him to the fashion world through her work, often creating stylish outfits for him and adding unique touches to his school uniforms.

These early experiences ignited his passion for fashion and instilled the confidence to experiment with his look. Black Sherif’s distinctive fashion choices frequently push the boundaries of conventional style, becoming a signature aspect of his identity as an artist.

Recently, Black Sherif debuted a striking outfit for his “Kilos Milos” music video, sparking widespread conversation among Ghanaians and stunning social media users with his bold fashion statement. His influence extends beyond music, as his fashion sense continues to captivate fans and set trends.

Black Sherif’s new single, “Kilos Milos,” has dominated the charts, securing Ghana’s No. 1 spot on Apple Music, Boomplay, Audiomack, and YouTube concurrently for two weeks.

His success in both music and fashion underscores his multifaceted talent and the enduring influence of his mother’s creative legacy.

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