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Strongman Involved in Road Accident on Mamponteng Road – Full Details HERE!

Strongman Burner Escapes Unharmed After Road Accident in Ashanti Region

Ghanaian musician Osei Kwaku Vincent, popularly known as Strongman Burner, was recently involved in a road accident on the Mamponteng road in the Ashanti Region.

The incident, which has garnered attention from fans and the media, occurred when the rapper’s vehicle was rear-ended by a Sprinter car attempting a reckless overtaking maneuver.

According to reports, the accident happened when the driver of the Sprinter car tried to overtake Strongman’s vehicle but failed to execute the maneuver safely. Fortunately, no fatalities or serious injuries were reported, and the accident caused only minor damage to the vehicles involved.

A video shared by Express GH TV on their YouTube channel captures Strongman visibly upset by the other driver’s reckless behavior.

Speaking in Twi, the rapper expressed his frustration, saying, “If you want to overtake me, relax and wait for me to get to a safe position or signal me. I had to stop for the people to cross the road. This is not good. When people were crossing the road, did you expect me to keep moving?”

The narrator in the video provided additional context, stating, “Strongman had an accident on the Mamponteng road in Ahwea. The other vehicle struck his car from behind, causing some damage. Strongman is quite upset about how the other driver behaved.”

Despite the scare, Strongman was unharmed and continued to express his displeasure over the incident. The rapper’s fans have since flooded social media with messages of support and relief that he was not injured in the accident.

Strongman’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for drivers to exercise caution, especially in busy areas.

As he recovers from this incident, fans and the public alike are hoping for more awareness and adherence to safe driving practices on Ghana’s roads.

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