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DJ Azonto Criticizes King Paluta for Bragging About €1800 Foreign Shows – Full Details HERE!

DJ Azonto's Critique of King Paluta's International Gigs for €18

DJ Azonto has publicly criticized fellow musician King Paluta, urging him to stop boasting about international performances that pay a meager €18 and to concentrate more on his music career.

During a recent appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz, King Paluta boasted about his busy schedule, claiming he is constantly traveling for performances and hasn’t seen his bed in a long time. He emphasized his frequent flights to suggest a busy and successful career.

However, DJ Azonto challenged this portrayal, revealing that both he and King Paluta were booked for a concert in Hamburg. While DJ Azonto demanded a fee of $20,000, which the organizers could not meet, King Paluta accepted a far lower fee of €1800.

According to DJ Azonto, he chose not to perform under those conditions, despite travel arrangements being ready for him.

“King Paluta is undoubtedly talented, but he needs to focus on the work itself rather than feeling comfortable over one or two foreign trips,” DJ Azonto stated.

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