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Highlife Icon 2Lock fka Nana Fynn, Debunks Myths that ‘Weed’ Enhances Vocals – Full Details HERE!

2Lock's Secrets: Vocal Improvement and Confidence Boosting

Ghanaian Highlife star Nana Fynn, now known as 2Lock, has strongly refuted claims that certain drugs can enhance vocal quality.

In a candid interview on Accra FM on July 5, 2024, 2Lock urged fellow artists to focus on proper vocal training rather than relying on substances like marijuana.

“Anyone who argues that weed improves one’s vocal quality is only saying utter foolishness,” 2Lock stated firmly. “If you don’t train your voice, you can consume a sack of weed every day but still fail at singing.”

The “Santrofi” hitmaker acknowledged that some individuals might use hard drugs to boost their confidence, which is essential for performing.

“Perhaps, some people use hard drugs to improve their confidence – and you know you need to be confident to sing. Some people lack that confidence and so, I don’t know, maybe taking in something gives them the vim to perform,” he explained.

Addressing dietary perceptions, 2Lock highlighted the benefits of bananas for singers, noting they help clear the throat and reduce vocal cracks. He also dispelled the myth that singers cannot drink chilled water, advising that it’s safe as long as there’s a period of vocal rest afterward.

“When you drink cold water, don’t talk or sing for 30 minutes to one hour else you’ll find it hard to project vocally while staying smooth,” he advised.

Further, 2Lock asserted that the human voice improves with age, unlike the skin. “The voice gets even better with age. Unless you stop using the vocal cords or you stop singing,” he noted.

He emphasized the importance of the connection between the ear, throat, and brain for effective singing.

“There’s a connection between your ear and your throat, and this must be further connected to your brain, else your singing will be messy because you cannot accurately express what you have in your mind,” he concluded.

2Lock’s insights shed light on the realities of vocal training and the misconceptions surrounding drug use and vocal performance, offering valuable advice to aspiring and established artists alike.

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