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Okyeame Kwame Credits Daddy Lumba for Reviving His Career, Confirms Being Well Paid for Hit Feature – Full Details HERE!

How Daddy Lumba Revitalized Okyeame Kwame's Career!

Award-winning musician Okyeame Kwame has expressed profound gratitude to legendary highlife artist Daddy Lumba for revitalizing his music career.

In an exclusive interview with ZionFelix, Okyeame Kwame shared how Daddy Lumba’s influence and support were instrumental in his return to Ghana and his subsequent success as a solo artist.

Following the disbandment of the Akyeame Music Group, Okyeame Kwame found himself at a crossroads. It was during this challenging period that Daddy Lumba stepped in, encouraging him to return to Ghana and continue his musical journey.

Lumba not only offered guidance but also provided Okyeame Kwame with an opportunity to feature on one of his albums, which significantly boosted his career.

“Daddy Lumba convinced me to come back to Ghana and pursue music,” Okyeame Kwame revealed. “He employed me on an album that brought me back into the spotlight after Akyeame disbanded.”

Addressing common misconceptions, Okyeame Kwame emphasized that his experience working with Daddy Lumba was entirely positive.

Contrary to popular belief, he stated that he was fairly compensated for his contributions to their collaborative song.

“I’ve never had any unfair dealings with Daddy Lumba. He ensured I was well remunerated for my feature on Obi Ate Me So Buo Remix,” he affirmed.

Okyeame Kwame’s acknowledgment of Daddy Lumba’s pivotal role in his career serves as a testament to the impact and mentorship that established artists can provide to emerging talents.

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