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Medikal says he didn’t reply Amerado’s diss track because he isn’t on his level; claims Teephlow is jealous of him!

Currently on a media tour, A-list Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has made certain controversial statements about colleague rappers, Amerado and Teephlow.

Rapper Medikal says the only reason he has not given fellow rapper Amerado any attention is that he is below his level and does not deserve his time and attention.

According to the ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker, he only pays attention to artists who are way ahead of him in the game and thus would not waste energy on clout-chasers.

Speaking on TV3, the rapper shed some light on the dynamics between the two talented artists.

When asked about his relationship with Amerado, Medikal was quick to clarify that they are not friends. However, he also stated that he doesn’t have anything against him.

Medikal then went on to reveal that two years ago, Amerado had released a diss track aimed at him. However, he chose not to reply as he didn’t consider it worth his time. When asked about this decision, Medikal explained that he didn’t respond because he felt that Amerado was not deserving of his time and attention.

“Amerado and I are not friends.” “I didn’t reply to him because I felt he was not at my level; he has still not reached my level, which is why I haven’t responded to him,” Medikal said.

Medikal went on to state that his level is so high that the likes of Amerado need to work hard, climb up the life ladder, and would be fortunate to get his attention then.

He added that any beef that would not benefit him monetarily would not be worth wasting time and energy to get involved in, which is why he never bothered to respond to Amerado.

Despite this revelation, Medikal denied any suggestion that he was downgrading Amerado. He insisted that he was simply being honest about his opinion and that he has nothing against the talented rapper.

Furthermore, Ghanaian rapper Medikal has disclosed he will never do a collabo with his colleague rapper Teephlow because he is envious and jealous of his achievement in the music industry over the years

Asked if he has an artiste he will never do collabo with while speaking in an interview with Giovani on #3FMDrive Tuesday, March 21, he mentioned Teephlow.

“I don’t see myself doing music with Teephlow. He is envious of me, he is jealous of me, he hates me, he doesn’t wish me well, he wishes to be in my position” Medikal said.

According to him, they used to be very good friends until he made a statement about me during covid.

“Teephlow made a statement way back in covid-19… in an interview he said ‘which artiste can play shows and get money to buy a range over’, so he was trying to say I am doing something illegally.

“When you put me in that position, what are you trying to say? Medikal asked.

“He was my guy, we play games in my house together” he added.

Just in case, you don’t know what is going on between Medikal and Teephlow, some months ago on Twitter Teephlow said Medikal is not doing real music and the monies he flaunts on social media are not from music.

Medikal took to Twitter today to release a couple of tweets on his timeline after one of social media critics and YouTuber kwadwo Sheldon came to criticize his “Undertaker Flow” song

Medikal said Sheldon’s reason for criticizing the song negatively was just for the fact that he refused to lay a verse for him.

He went ahead to release some tweets after which got rapper Teephlow replying to one of the tweet .

According to Medikal most upcoming rappers are not unique in the way they sound that is why they are still underground artists.

Teephlow who felt offended with this message said for someone like him he wants to do real rap and that has a lot to do with poetry and educative topics unlike Medikal who plays with rap.

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