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Kosi Bone ready to take over the GH music game

Hip Hop musician, Kosi Bone has revealed his readiness to take over the Ghanaian entertainment industry.
The multi-talented songwriter is poised to showcase the dynamism, richness and originality of Ghanaian music to the rest of the world.

Kosi Bone revealed that although he is more identified with Hip Hop, he is very flexible with other genres as well.

Explaining the uniqueness of his brand Kosi Bone revealed he pays a lot of attention to his lyrics because he knows the impact of words on people.  “When you listen to my rap, I go a bit deeper, my style, flow and delivery is different from what is already out there. I try to be unique at every point with my music and my aim also is to be a positive impact on the people that are around me or listen to my music. I have been in the game for a while and I believe I have paid my dues and no one can mention the top five Volta rappers without mentioning me considering the effort I have put into building my brand and career and my music to this point. “

Kosi Bone started his career in 2012 and has released many singles and collaborations with artistes such as Sefaaji, Dugud, Hector, Abladzo Kwame and many others.

“I chose music because it’s a passion and I believe if you do what you love, you don’t see it as work. Music is the way I want to impact my society.” Kosi Bone explaining why he chose music instead of going cooperate with his Ghana Institute of Journalism diploma.

Backed by MAM Executive Productions Kosi Bone together with “The New Volta” label are currently in the studio working on his debut album.

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