List of rappers who jumped on Sarkodie’s Brag song

Sarkodie set the rap scene buzzing with creativity.

On May 9th, 2024, Sarkodie dropped a bombshell with his track ‘Brag‘, igniting a rap feud between Ghana and Nigeria as he asserted his seniority.

This set the rap scene buzzing with creativity, particularly in the realm of diss and brag tracks.

From his forthcoming mixtape, ‘The Championship’, Sarkodie boldly proclaimed his dominance in Ghana’s music scene, challenging anyone to step up.

Listen to Brag by Sarkodie

This declaration didn’t go unnoticed, especially across the border, sparking responses from Nigerian rapper Dremo and subsequently, Ghanaian counterparts.

In response to Dremo’s challenge, several Ghanaian rappers took it upon themselves to put him in his place.

Here’s a rundown of those who stepped up to the mic:

  1. Lyrical Joe – 1960
  2. CJ Biggerman – Brag (Dremo Diss)
  3. Phrimpong – War Time [Whole Nigeria Diss] (Brag Cover)
  4. Wan Nana – I Stand For Sark (Brag Cover)
  5. Kweku Sky – Brag (Dremo Drizzy Diss)

Lyrical Joe – 1960

CJ Biggerman – Brag (Dremo Diss)

Phrimpong – War Time [Whole Nigeria Diss] (Brag Cover)

Wan Nana – I Stand For Sark (Brag Cover)

Kweku Sky – Brag (Dremo Drizzy Diss)

With each verse, these rappers add fuel to the fire, ensuring that Sarkodie’s ‘Brag’ resonates far beyond the music world, turning into a full-blown rap battle between nations.

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