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Ghanaian artistes that were one-hit wonders

Ever wondered the phenomenon that surrounds making a hit song that’s able to derive the desired response from thousands of listeners jamming to it even years after its release?

Today on ghanamusic.com we present to you a list of your favourite one-time hitmakers and their hit songs that rocked the borders of Ghana, even transcending its shores.

These artists were however not able to sustain their relevance with other hits (due to various factors) and hence had their names fade away on Ghana’s music scene.

Below is the list of ten (10) Ghanaian one-time hitmakers with their hit songs.

  1. Nana Boroo – Aha Yede
  2. Dr. Slim – Seke
  3. Atom- Yewo Krom
  4. Bollie – You May Kiss The Bride
  5. Jay Dee – Alampain
  6. Eduwoji – Yenko Nkoaa
  7. Atumpan- The Thing
  8. Ex Doe & Chicago – Daavi

Nana Boroo – Aha Yede

Dr. Slim – Seke

Atom – Yewo Krom

Bollie – You May Kiss The Bride

Jay Dee – Alampain

Eduwoji – Yenko Nkoaa

Atumpan – The Thing

Ex Doe & Chicago – Daavi

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