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Kobbysalm’s Tour to Kenya: Uniting Gospel Music in Ghana and Kenya with ‘Fabegye’

KobbySalm, the renowned Ghanaian Urban Gospel artist, embarked on an exhilarating tour to Kenya, bringing his latest release titled ‘Fabegye’ and engaging in insightful discussions about the current state of gospel music in Ghana.

The tour proved to be a monumental experience, bridging cultural gaps and fostering a deeper appreciation for gospel music in both Ghana and Kenya.

KobbySalm’s “Fabegye” is a vibrant and energetic Gospel Amapiano song that brings together the best of African rhythms, captivating melodies, and inspiring lyrics.

The song conveys the message of coming to receive God’s blessings by offering our bodies to Him. Whatever we use in serving God and making a living would be blessed when we bring them before God. Fabegye features one of Kenya’s leading voices in the Gospel music industry, Jabidii.

The song was sung in the Ghanaian Twi language with a fusion of pidgin and Kenyan Swahili. (Listen here: https://ditto.fm/fabegye-kobbysalm-featuring-jabidii).

The song ‘Fabegye’ resonates with audiences from different cultural backgrounds, emphasizing the universality of gospel music’s impact. During his performances in Kenya, KobbySalm witnessed firsthand how this powerful composition touched the hearts of Kenyan listeners.

As part of his tour to Kenya, KobbySalm seized the opportunity to engage in open and reflective discussions about the current state of gospel music in Ghana.

He acknowledged the significant progress made over the years, with gospel artists gaining recognition on national and international stages, but he also addressed the challenges that still hinder the full potential of the genre.

KobbySalm highlighted the need for unity among gospel musicians in Ghana. By supporting and collaborating with one another, they can amplify their message and have a more significant impact on society.

He emphasized that gospel music should serve as a platform for sharing hope, encouragement, and spiritual upliftment, and this shared goal should foster camaraderie instead of competition.

Moreover, the issue of content and lyrics in gospel music was also addressed. KobbySalm stressed the importance of ensuring that the messages conveyed in songs remain authentic, relatable, and biblically sound.

He encouraged fans and music listeners not to judge any gospel song by its instrumentation but rather listen to the message of the song. He also emphasized on staying true to the divine which would bring long-lasting impact and recognition.

Additionally, KobbySalm discussed the power of gospel music as a tool for addressing societal issues and promoting positive change.

He urged Ghanaian gospel artists to explore contemporary styles and innovative approaches to connect with a broader audience without losing the essence of their message.

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