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Urban Gospel act, Rush The High Priest features Busta Rhymes on new ‘Stubborn’ single?

Recently, Ghanaian rapper Rush The High Priest dropped a fresh track titled “Stubborn,” which featured an unexpected surprise rapper, VerbPro12.4 towards the conclusion.

The title of this article may pique your curiosity: “Which Ghanaian rapper collaborated with Busta Rhymes?”

For those unacquainted with Busta Rhymes, he’s a renowned American rapper, celebrated for his extraordinary speed in delivering lyrics, and a prominent figure in the American music scene.

A collaboration between Busta Rhymes and a Ghanaian rapper would undoubtedly be a significant event.

The intense and unrestrained lyrical flow, coupled with a powerful surge of energy in the verse, left audiences questioning the identity of this guest rapper.

Although the rap style bore a striking resemblance to Busta Rhymes, the voice was distinct. It may come as a surprise that the exceptionally talented American female rapper, VerbPro12.4, was the mastermind behind that impressive verse.

Prior to this collaboration, VerbPro12.4 had introduced herself to the music world with two songs, ‘Battle Cry’ and ‘Wait I Say.’ Her contribution to Rush’s song serves as a remarkable showcase of her unique lyrical prowess, unlike anything witnessed before.


Teaming up with Rush the High Priest, whose dynamic energy on the track matches the theme of “Stubborn,” the two artists declare their unwavering commitment to staying steadfast in their faith, disregarding any advice or instructions that do not align with their beliefs.

The song has undeniably become a hot topic within the urban gospel community, earning praise for its electrifying energy from start to finish.

Rush has earned a reputation for his consistent delivery of Drill songs infused with captivating rap vibes, establishing himself as one of the top rappers in Ghana’s urban gospel industry.

His ability to recognize the potential in collaborating with other rappers to produce enjoyable rap music within the Christian music community is commendable.

Rush the High Priest’s previous releases, such as ‘M’bra,’ ‘Can’t Keep Quiet,’ ‘I’m Breathing ft. Kingzkid,’ and ‘Forgive,’ have all showcased his electrifying urban gospel music talent.

With his current pace of music releases, anticipation is growing among fans for more upcoming music releases from this immensely talented artist. Stubborn is available on all streaming platforms here.

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