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Discover the Secrets Behind Pat Thomas’ Notable Collaborations with Sarkodie and Daddy Lumba

Legendary Ghanaian Highlife singer and songwriter, Pat Thomas, recently shared insights into his most memorable collaboration with Sarkodie and clarified misconceptions about his relationship with fellow Highlife artist, Daddy Lumba.

From his successful partnership with rapper Sarkodie to his harmonious bond with Daddy Lumba, Pat Thomas highlights the significance of collaborations and the importance of maintaining good relationships in the music industry.

The Memorable Sarkodie Collaboration:

One of Pat Thomas’ most notable collaborations is with award-winning rapper Sarkodie. In 2015, they joined forces to create the timeless highlife masterpiece, “Bra,” featured on Sarkodie’s Mary Album.

The song received global recognition and remains one of the finest highlife tracks from Ghana. Pat Thomas considers this collaboration as a highlight of his career, emphasizing its impact and the enduring appeal that makes it stand out among his other successful collaborations.

Clearing the Air: The Relationship with Daddy Lumba:

Contrary to rumors suggesting a strained relationship, Pat Thomas emphasizes that he and Daddy Lumba share a harmonious bond and have never had any conflicts.

In an interview on Happy 98.9FM’s Happy Evening Drive, Pat Thomas clarifies that their collaboration has been smooth and free from disagreements, unlike some experiences with other musicians.

He explains that the key to a successful collaboration is understanding and fulfilling the desires of the artist, promoting a peaceful and cooperative atmosphere.

Creating a Legacy Together:

Pat Thomas expresses his preference for maintaining positive relationships and striving for harmony when working with fellow musicians. He states that collaborating with Daddy Lumba was a joyful experience driven by their shared love for music and the desire to create a lasting legacy.

According to Pat Thomas, their collaborative album was not solely motivated by financial gains but rather the passion and genuine connection they shared.

The Collaborative Journey:

Pat Thomas reveals that their joint album consists of nine songs, recorded at Daddy Lumba’s residence in Germany. The primary focus was to create music they both loved, with the intention of leaving a significant mark on the music industry.

Pat Thomas emphasizes that the album’s success and their positive relationship stem from their shared vision and dedication to the art, where monetary gains took a secondary role.


Pat Thomas’s revelations about his memorable collaboration with Sarkodie and his strong bond with Daddy Lumba dispel any misconceptions surrounding his relationships in the music industry.

As a legendary Highlife artist, Pat Thomas highlights the importance of nurturing positive connections and fulfilling the artistic visions of fellow musicians to create timeless music and leave a lasting impact.

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