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Nii Afla Sackey; the impeccable drummer

Having amassed over 27 years of experience by working with the likes of Michael Jackson, David Bowie, etc, Nii Afla Sackey aka Afla is one that should be celebrated in Ghanaian music space.

Described as a gingered up self driven Ghanaian artist, producer, dancer and an impeccable drummer Afla is filled with fervor to breath a new life of value and relevance through the rich African sounds.

Nii Afla Sackey; the impeccable drummer
Nii Afla Sackey

Early Life

Born and raised in Accra – Ghana, Afla lived most of his early years with his mum and sister at Korle-Gonno/Mamprobi whilst also having his basic education at Korle Gonno Methodist School, before continuing at Ebenezer Secondary School in Accra.

Afla then traveled to the UK to pursue a degree and masters in music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Music Career

His stage name ‘Afla’ is a traditional name given to every first grandson in a Ga family. A teacher discovered Afla’s interest in drumming, dancing and his ability to play drums dexterously.

Afla associated with Afro fusion, Afro funk, Afro beat and Afro jazz genre early on before adding Hiplife to his music catalogue.

With 2 albums and several singles, Afla has solidified his stand as an artist making praiseworthy impact with African sounds.

He is one of the best selling Afrobeats artist in UK spreading African sounds across the globe to effect great impact.

This has led to so many successful music collaborations with many musicians. The drum specialist looks forward in collaborating with Shatta Wale, Samini, Kwame Eugene, Stonebwoy, Manifest and a host of other talented acts because of his love for their sounds.

It’s important to note that, he fathoms music in a dynamic manner therefore he produces his own music. He recently started working with a producer called Raz Olsher in the UK. Truth be told, he can’t wait to work with renowned producers like Possi Gee, MOG Beats, Chensee Beats, Fortune Dane, etc.

Nii Afla Sackey; the impeccable drummer
Nii Afla Sackey: Photo Credit: Graham Perownw Live Music Photography


Best known for his own unique blend of sounds, he expresses his thoughts, ideas and inspirations through drumming. Just by the sound of his drum, you’ll know Afla is on fire. Away from that, he uses sounds to connect people from different walks of life under one umbrella.


Nobody is exempted from enjoying his or fair share of lives challenges. Touring for a long period of time and not seeing his family for a while is one of his greatest challenge. Also, moving from one music venue to the other without enough sleep to him is a herculean task sometimes.

Yet, since music is his chosen field he got no excuses to make. Managing a whole bunch of musicians all by himself is equally a major challenge. Life has been quite challenging but it taught him how to hustle and work hard. As an artist, challenges has helped develop his intellect and enhanced his career.

Upcoming Projects

He has been working on his forthcoming album titled ‘Destination’ which will be released soon in April. Away from that, he has 2 interesting collaborative music albums that will be released later this year. Finally, he’s also preparing to shoot his second video for his second single ‘Lets Party’.

Greatest Achievement

Been able to keep his band actively running for 13 years is his biggest achievement.


Working with the younger generation in music inspires the creative genius in him.


Building a foundation that will help the less fortunate younger generation to gain knowledge in any field of their choice academically that will help shape their future.

Advise To Upcoming Acts

Afla advise to upcoming acts and youths in general is, dream big, believe in it, work hard towards, do not give up no matter what happens along the way and it will definitely yield great results with time.

Being honest with your dealings is something Afla preaches so that many doors will be open for all artists since everyone wants to work with trustworthy and hard working person.

Connect with him on:

Facebook: Afla Sackey
Instagram: @AflaSackey1
YouTube Channel: Afla Sackey

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