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Steadily rising, the music journey of Jiggy Waz

Once a while, a star is born to shine bright and make the world a better place.

Although young with an incredible talent, the musician affectionately called Jiggy Waz in a short but exclusive interview reveals more about himself and the musical journey so far.

Why music despite all the other things you could do?
I’d sing and rap to anything I heard since childhood. It came easily to me so growing up, I felt the need to follow the passion that drives me and makes me happy.

How did you come about the name Jiggy Waz?
Laughs… I got that name from Jay Z  (Jiggy Jagga) not because I look like him but look up to his success.

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Biggest Challenge so far since you ventured into commercial music?
The truth is that making people accept something new or different is very tiring and frustrating but if I know what I want and believe I can surpass the very challenges myself and my music faces.

Why sign to TSK Records?
TSK Records is more like a family to me and I am honoured to be signed to it. The label understands me better and has been very supportive since the release of my debut single Camera which is doing very well.

Since you talk about Camera, tell us more about it.
Camera is my debut commercial single. It has enjoyed some great airplay since its release. The video has had over 25,000 views on YouTube which is quite impressive for a start. We have also had some positive comments from great industry personalities and we hope to push harder.

Talking about pushing harder, any upcoming projects?
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I’m working on a number of projects which I anticipate will be bigger than Camera. I’m again working on a mixtape which will show the very different elements I am made of. All these will be made known as I embark on my media tour soon.

Any collaborations on the upcoming mixtape?
I would love to hold on to that information for now but all I can say is, the mixtape will blow the minds of music lovers.

Which producers are you working with?
Currently, I work with three (3) of them, Keylex, KV Bangerz and Timz Beatz. These have been my backbone.

How does one get introduced to your music?
For now, anyone can follow my music journey and tour updates via my social media pages @Jiggy_Waz

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