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Reggie N Bollie hints new single

Reggie N Bollie keeps on giving us tunes that will move the feet the moment your ear hear it.

From the stages of the X Factor down through to their last single the duo has not stopped being the party song go-to guys on our playlists.

When they dropped ‘New Girl’ we couldn’t resist the temptation to boogie, then came ‘This Is Life’. ‘This Is Life’ is still banging in clubs and at parties with the crowd always asking for more please.

With the audience still wriggling their waist and feet to the ‘This Is Life’ single, Reggie N Bollie have hinted of dropping a new single anytime soon.

This Is life is from their upcoming debut album so expectedly, their next single should also be a part of the album. What an album it could be!

Reggie N Bollie shared a studio session of a song production on their Twitter feed sending their fan base into total meltdown.

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