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Buem MP Kofi Adams Spearheads Creative Arts Revival with Digital Music Focus in Oti Region

On July 26, 2023, a significant milestone in the field of creative arts and music was marked at the Jasikan Municipal Assembly Hall, as Honourable Kofi Iddie Adams, Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency in the Oti region spearheaded a groundbreaking event on digital music education organized by Jonilar.net and Digishare Africa.

The gathering witnessed the gathering of artistes, educators, industry professionals, and stakeholders, all committed to revitalizing the creative arts landscape in the Oti Region.

Hon. Kofi Adams, an ardent supporter of promoting cultural heritage and artistic expression, demonstrated his commitment to the region’s artistic growth through this momentous initiative.

With the aim of fostering innovation and empowering aspiring artistes, the digital music education event sought to enlighten individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to embrace the digital era’s opportunities in the creative arts industry.

During the event, Hon. Kofi Adams emphasized the crucial role of music and creative arts in shaping society’s cultural fabric. He acknowledged the rich talent pool within Oti Region and the untapped potential for growth and international recognition.

His vision of a thriving creative ecosystem hinges on active collaborations between artistes, educators, and stakeholders, nurturing the next generation of creative talents while preserving traditional art forms.

The stakeholder engagements that followed the event served as a platform for robust discussions and brainstorming sessions on crafting comprehensive policies to support the creative arts and music sector.

Diverse perspectives were shared by the panels, with attendees offering insights on potential funding mechanisms, infrastructure development, and strategic partnerships with public and private entities.

Hon. Kofi Adams affirmed his commitment to acting on the suggestions and feedback gathered from the stakeholders, ensuring their voices play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s creative arts landscape.

He emphasized the importance of building a sustainable and inclusive framework that promotes diversity, empowers artistes, and positions the Oti Region as a vibrant hub for artistic expression.

As this groundbreaking initiative sets the stage for growth in the region’s creative arts and music scene, the vision of a thriving and dynamic cultural sector in Oti Region comes into focus.

Honourable Kofi Iddie Adams remains steadfast in his dedication to fostering an environment that celebrates and preserves artistic heritage while embracing the digital age’s boundless possibilities.

The event’s resounding success reflects the shared commitment of all stakeholders, who are poised to collaborate and take proactive steps towards building a brighter future for the creative arts in Oti Region.

The journey to revitalize the creative arts and music sector has commenced, and the collective efforts of artistes, educators, and stakeholders will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the cultural identity of Oti Region.

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