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Keche out with latest banger, “Today”

"Today" is a hiplife genre of music that fuses Ghanaian culture and hip hop or rap.

Known to be one of the most consistent and versatile music groups in West Africa, Keche has released their much-anticipated single, “Today”.

Produced by Forqzy Beat, this professional studio project sums up to be the GEM Rythmz frontliners’ second piece following a successful release of their first single “Odo”, which garnered an enormous airplay on various Ghanaian traditional media platforms and the digital market.

The promotion has increased awareness, created interest, generated
sales and intensified brand loyalty.

However, “Today” is a hiplife genre of music that fuses Ghanaian culture and hip hop or rap. It has been recorded predominantly in the pidgin English language spiced up with the Ghanaian Akan language.

This project vividly tells the story of how typical Ghanaians live their life to suite their comfort especially on a Friday, after making healthy earnings after a week’s hardwork.

In the tune, the Pan African International Recognition Awards (PAIR-AWARDS) and Annual Discourse, “African Music Group of the Year” was quizzing their respective partners (Girlfriends) where they should spend their Friday night.

Adding that they have to party, as Ghana is more entertaining compared to the Western world.

Rapper of the group, Joshua urge patrons and Ghanaians, using a cliché in pidgin English language that, “when you confirm, pop champagne on them, when you make am everybody go show you concern”.

This literally means, after the toiling, in quest of making earns or growing a stable financial account, you need to allocate time to ease off stress by partying, as society turns their back to people who are financially handicapped.

A lot of message has been conveyed and disseminated with this master piece. The tune comprises of distinctive musical communication elements, incorporating instrumentals and vocal tones.

Keche is known to be one of the most consistent and versatile music groups in Africa. Joshua is a rapper with the power of word play and Andrew is a songster with a silvery voice.

The group’s name is inspired by the deftness in their music composition and performance. “Keche” literally means skills in Akan. They are also known as the “Skill Team”.

Listen to song below:

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