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Burgeoning music duo, Bradayawda extols patience as the key in fresh banger; Godo Godo

They've broken the trend of money conscious songs to highlight virtues like patience!

When you listen to most music today, its all about money, the young music Duo signed to Blemakadi Music, Bradayawda, is poised to change this trend and narrative with their latest single Godo Godo.

Premiering the song on Friday 24th of September 2021, Bradayawda through their latest single will hopefully push the message of patience to the young generation, a virtue that seems to elude the youth of today, driving most of them into obscene and insipid acts.

It’s not about rushing to make money in life, every single thing takes time, you have to respect the process don’t flip the steps; with these words at the back of Bradayawda’s mind, they intend to use Godo Godo as an official announcement of the duo, and serve as an introduction to the Ghanaian listeners who so yearn for a young music duo.

While a hit from Godo Godo may be an ice on the cake, Bradayawda intends for this masterpiece to cement their names in the minds of good music listeners as well as leave an indelible mark on the hearts of people who could use this good music to dance or probably hit the road during an early morning exercise.

Beautifully blending the English, Twi and Ewe language, Bradayawda took turns to lay insightful lyrics on the beat produced by Sky Beats to serve as a motivation for the everyday hustler on the streets and in offices, not to give up but to keep up with the good work and faith; this seems like a common message but accompanied by a danceable tune, Godo Godo will entertain and educate the youth.

Brada commented that “its not about rushing to make money in life, every single thing take time, you have to respect the process don’t flip the steps.

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Take your time, have it in mind that everything you doing will pay. Don’t rush it. You sow a seed you have to wait fir it, water it and germinate and you can reap.”

Yawda complemented Brada with “never switch lanes, be in your lane, slowly surely it will be someday.”

Both concluding that “Godo Godo, is also an encouragement to  that woman on the street that, that woman walking down the street hustling hard to make money or doing  things, don’t worry, its all matter of time, your time will come and you will reap from the hard work. no rush in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Godo Godo is out on all streaming platforms. Stream or buy from your favorite stores. Also, click on the link below to watch the video:

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