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Amerado friend-zoned again as Delay reveals she’s already in a relationship following their viral loved up video!

Following a teaser of media personality Delay and Amerado in a loved up viral video, the former has come out to clear the air stating that sheโ€™s already in a relationship.

Delay has kept her romantic life out of social media but then poke her nose in the relationship of those she interviews and just a few days ago, a video of her and Amerado hit the net and that sparked dating rumors between the two.

Delay after keeping quiet and making think whatever they want with her relationship with Amerado has come out to clear the air dashing the hopes of all those who were expecting the rumors to be true.

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According to Delay, sheโ€™s in a relationship with her business and no one else and sheโ€™s happy to have made it clear and gotten it out of the way so that no one will be shipping her and Amerado together but her reply didnโ€™t solve that problem.

Just after her replying claiming thereโ€™s nothing ongoing between her and Amerado, the reason from some netizens show they donโ€™t believe her and think sheโ€™s just trying to draw their attention to something else when indeed sheโ€™s in a relationship with Amerado.

If Delay is indeed in a relationship with Amerado then thereโ€™s nothing wrong with that since theyโ€™re both adults and can decide for themselves but the issue here is netizens want to confirm then give their take on it.

screenshot below;

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