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Most of the songs that you think I sampled, is not even sampled, its was a vibe – Kuami Eugene 

Kuami responds to the numerous song theft claims!

The latest episode of the One Show is surely one that tickles the fancy of a Kuami Eugene lover and Ghanians.

The show that aired on Sunday 8pm on Oneplay+ with Tilly Akua Nipaa touches on the various interesting and controversial side to the artist.

For the fans of Kuami Eugene, the artist opening up about his creation process, sharing simple tips on how to create a hit song from scratch is definitely one that they love.

Also, Kuami Eugene takes time to break down what it means to create a song on a vibe, which Ghanaians call sampling. 

“There is something they call vibe, it won’t necessarily mean sampling. Most of the songs that you think i sampled, is not even sampled, its was vibes. But there is nothing new under the sun, something always looks and sounds like something.”

Kuami Eugene also takes his time to express the type of artist he wants to be as a highlife artist. Speaking on his Afrohighlife EP, He expresses that: 

“I want to be known as that guy who was able to hold on highlife music, … i don’t like it when people ask me, do you think highlife is dead?

Naa I don’t like hearing things like that, that means if i devote 80% of my time to highlife music, i wont just leave highlife music, I will one day leave and have people trying to be like me.

I think its better I leave footsteps they can follow rather that wiping off everything that’s going on and jumping unto Afrobeats.”

For Ghanaians, Kuami Eugene uses vivid real life examples to explain how their love for foreign music affects them as Ghanaian artists:

“Before the public can say Ghana music cant go far, how many times do they stream Ghana Music? How many times do they keep Ghana Music on rotation? – He asked. 

He further asked, Can any Ghanaian put Ghana music on rotation for like 5 times a day? Are they  able to play one song 20 times a day, because sometimes we do that to the foreign music.” – He ended his questions. 

Responding to how TikTok has affected the influx of foreign musician the Ghanaian space, Kuami Eugene said that:

“It’s not TikTok, TikTok is a platform they are doing their marketing they are making money out of it, its our mindset. When you go on TikTok, you can choose a Ghanaian song to do the video, but you don’t do that, so TikTok hasn’t done anything, lets not go blame TikTok or Nigerian music or anything, we are the problem.”

These are but few of the concerns raised by the Lynx Entertainment artist in the interview on the One Show with Tilly Akua Nipaa. Click on the link to watch the video below:

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